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SMS Alert delivers critical alarm information in the form of Short Message Service (SMS). SMS Alert uses SMS messages, a fast and interactive way, to notify our user on every alarm event. The alarm SMS messages can be send to a set of pre-defined mobile number. Users currently subscribed to other alarm monitoring services without SMS forwarding capability may also sign up for SMS Alert. Both services may operate at the same time.


 Phone lines can easily be cut off during storms, construction work, accidents, or even deliberate tampering by intruders. The unfortunate result is that burglary becomde possible without any interference.
As a safeguard, many alarm systems use line-cut detection circuitry that can switch alarm reporting to a backup reporting media, which sometimes includes more than one source. Wireless media such as cellular communication are most commonly used. These media can also be used as primary communicators in places where phone lines are unavailable or unrealiable.
The external cellular transmitter or GSM SMS modem needs to be installed between the control panel and the PSTN line. An integrated cellular transmitter is designed as part of the control panel to provide as the backup channel.
When there are PSTN network defects or problem, the integrated unit reports its status via a backup connection. External add-on cellular transmitters are typically designed to backup and report events that are being sent by the control panel to the Alarm Receiving Center (ARC).
The other advantages afforded by the integrated cellular transmitter are its ability send SMS. It provide 3 input and 3 output, any short circuit impulse, it will send out the SMS.




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